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The research reports provided in this bookshop are entirely focussed on the water and wastewater industry, the outcome of research work funded by UKWIR and associates.

Reports are categorised under headings, shown as tabs at the top of this page, with sub-categories presented at the Left Hand Side of the page.

When you purchase a report it will be delivered to you as printed copy.  You can also view a purchased report on-line, via your "My Forefront" Flash viewer, if the requested volume is available

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Featured Publication

Featured water research publication

Implications of Microbial Colonisation of Water in Buildings

Research Report: 13/DW/02/67

The aim of this report is to provide water companies with an informed assessment of the current knowledge and understanding of the origin and behaviour of the organisms of potential health significance in plumbing systems. The review considers each organism separately and examines their ability to become established in plumbing systems, and suitable control measures. The risks presented by microbial colonisation of water systems in buildings predominantly concern Legionella, although a range of other organisms have also been implicated recently including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These organisms are generally regarded as opportunistic pathogens, and have the shared ability to colonise plumbing systems. The study recognised that the water safety plan provides an ideal platform for managing the quality of water in buildings, and that all stakeholders have an important role in supporting their development.

Price: £100

Latest Publications

Latest water research publication

Brass fittings as a source of lead and nickel in drinking water. Stage 3 Long term testing April 2015 to March 2016

Research Report: 16/DW/04/19

Price: £200

Latest water research publication

Coastal and Estuarine Bacteria Loads for Source Apportionment

Research Report: 16/WW/11/14

Price: £200