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Critical Review of Relevant Research Concerning the Effects of Charging and Collection Methods on Water Demand, Different Customer Groups and Debt

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Ref: 05/CU/02/1
ISBN: 1 84057 400 3
Published: 2005

Appraisal of evidence from both the 1988-92 National Metering Trials and limited later studies confirmed earlier work suggesting average demand reductions resulting from domestic metering in England & Wales in the 10%-15% range. Peak demand effects have been found to be greater, as were changes to more sophisticated volumetric tariffs (increasing block, seasonal).

Further work is needed to predict better the effects on household charge burdens of switching to various volumetric tariffs and of the tariff rebalancing which accompanies optant metering.

The report recommends that investigations should be mounted into possible links between charging, tariffs and payment factors and the growth of both the numbers of debtors and outstanding debt.

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